Our Calculators

First, the Solar Calculator
used in our Report, to determine the amount of time it will take to create the Renewable Energy Infrastructure for sustainability.It is interactive, so try it!

This calculator establishes the future ratio (R*) of the world’s Renewable Power Capacity (RPC) to current world Fossil Fuel Power Capacity (FFPC), where renewable is coming only from wind and solar (e.g., PV, CSP) energy systems and where nuclear power is deliberately left out (as it is inherently the most dangerous form of energy and it is absolutely not necessary to build the renewable infrastructure that all the world’s people will need in the future). So R* = 1 means that RPC=FFPC, and R* > 1 indicates that RPC has surpassed FFPC. (Note: RPC reflects the actual power available, not just what is installed, i.e., “potential.”)

Two R* values are shown (for three different lifetime of renewable system values (L)), one where no FF is used after one generation (i.e., one L) and one where the same fraction of FF is used during the second generation of renewables.

Note: For many inputs (in M, f, and fFF), it appears that we will obtain higher RE levels for smaller L. This is very counter-intuitive as one would expect worse scenarios for lower L values. This result occurs because of the way in which our model uses M. Since M is defined over the lifetime of any RE infrastructure, approximately M/L of RE energy is available each year (for use or reinvestment). If L is arbitrarily (and independently) chosen to be smaller, this makes the annual (M/L) contribution higher, and therefore, makes the amount of RE infrastructure grow “surprisingly” faster.

Second,  the Energy Calculator
which relates power and energy in ways that should help people figure out what their/our RE needs really are.
See it here.

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